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VisionWalk 2016: Order of the JedEYE

Image: Star Wars logo with "Force for Change" underneath A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... EYE  WARS *cue dramatic music* It is a period of civil unrest.  Jedi Knights will gather at the VisionWalk  to rally together towards the victory  against a consortium of blinding eye diseases. Over the years, the  Foundation Fighting Blindness  has been racing to find cures  to restore sight to millions  living in darkness  with the power of light.  Pursued by her own diagnosis  with Usher Syndrome,  Princess Kaitlyn formed  the Order of the JedEYE  with a mission to help  find the cure of sight...  Reawaken the Force, we shall. There are several ways where you, as a honorary Jedi Knight, can help pull off the very important mission: 1. Join the Order and help fundraise and keep the balance of the Force in check.  2. Join the Order as a Team walker and walk with Princess Kaitlyn in Columbia, SC o

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